About Maz Durbin, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sassenfras

Sassenfras Founder and Editor-in-Chief Marianne Durbin (aka Maz) is a style devotee, entrepreneur, graphic designer, and creative visionary.

She created Sassenfras to “cut through the fashion noise” and help people who love style and fashion to discover their own unique style voice and to make their style extraordinary.

As creator of the style website, Maz is responsible for branding, selecting items for “The Daily Edit” and delivering au courant content to her readers from around the world.


About Sassenfras

Sassenfras is a fashion-forward website that brings runway looks to everyday people to help them make their style extraordinary.

“The Daily Edit,” a main feature of the website, inspires people to discover their own unique style voice by providing a “snap shot” of the latest trends, and the opportunity to purchase the items right through the site.

The sleek design of the website and hand-picked merchandise from top designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Diane Von Furstenberg will make developing your personal style and shopping for this season’s wardrobe a cinch.



Topics Maz Durbin can discuss in media interviews: 

  • 10 easy ways to make your style extraordinary.
  • The #1 Style Rule
  • Sizing issues in fashion.
  • How to follow current fashion trends without giving up your personal style.
  • How to ‘Switch Up’ your style.
  • How to make basics extraordinary.
  • Price vs Value (Buying luxury vs buying budget)
  • Her journey to the world of fashion.
  • What’s hot in 2013.
  • Street style in LA.
  • LA fashion designers.


Media contact   Lisa Elia PR    |    phone 310-479-0217   |    email lisa@lisaeliapr.com








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